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Unusual Gifts for the Gardening Enthusiast


Gift-giving time is nigh — our nights are longer, our jackets are warmer, and our gardens are enjoying a well-deserved rest of their own. (more…)


How to Attract Birds to Your Winter Garden


The seasons of spring and summer are in themselves natural bird callers. We sit in our gardens during the milder months listening to the melodious larks of the chattering birds hiding in our trees and shrubs. As the temperatures begin to drop however, these songs get quieter and quieter and turn to mere whispers. Have you ever thought about how to bring the chirping back to your winter gardens? You can. Every area on the planet is home to its own variety of non-migratory birds and if you leave them the right nibbles, you can draw them into your garden, your home. The 3 things you need to provide for them are the basics: food, water, protection. (more…)


How to Feng Shui Your Garden


When it comes to creating good feng shui for the home, most of its practitioners agree that manipulating the surroundings of the house is far more decisive than whatever is done inside.
In last month’s article, I shared strategies on designing an outdoor living space for your home, based on aesthetic appreciation. Today’s article will focus on designing to achieve a sense of balance and harmony. (more…)


How To Grow a Hydroponic Garden in Small Spaces


Hydroponic gardening is something that not many people know much about, but is a gardening trend that is coming out of the woodworks, literally. The many benefits of hydroponic gardening are that it provides plentiful crops, is practically organic, and is weed free. It is a beautiful system for you to implement in a small courtyard garden, or even indoors.

Hydroponic gardens are ideal for small spaces, and so those that live in apartments need not lose out on the benefits of gardening with hydroponic gardening. Most apartment dwellers feel that they can not run a conventional garden simply because they don’t have the space.

Hydroponic gardening however will allow you to avoid that issue. Because hydroponics depends on essential nutrients in water, you won’t even need soil for this gardening. All you need is the right set up, and the proper amount of nutrients in your water.

There are many different sizes of set ups for hydroponic gardens, and you will need to purchase an actual hydroponic kit for this. They range from small to extremely elaborate. Some of them simply look like a deep sealed tray. You only need the right kind of container space, with the right mixture to stand your plants in, the proper nutrients, and correct lighting. With these factors in place, almost any plant will grow easily.

There are many methods of hydroponic gardening, and which method you choose will depend on your setup of hydroponics. If you are just a beginner, purchasing a kit will be your best way to start hydroponic gardening. An inexpensive system will come with full instructions, and will enable you to get your feet wet, while still providing a good understanding of how hydroponics work. You will gain hands on experience, and be able to reuse the system parts when you choose to build your own.

Set up your plants in such a manner that only the roots are in the water, and the leaves are above the water. You can do this several ways, and this will all depend on the size of area you have to set up your hydroponic garden. Most hydroponics are set at waist level, and this is where their convenience comes in as you eliminate all of the back breaking work. You can use one trough or many, depending on your space. You may also need to purchase lighting kits, but check your box of instructions when you are buying your start up kit.

Hydroponics are an excellent way to build your own vegetable or fruit garden in small spaces without all of the back breaking work.


Some Lessons About Upside Down Hanging Tomatoes

Well I started this little adventure a little while ago now and I have a few lessons to share even before the first tomato has been born. (more…)


Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends…

It was such a good title. I was so happy with my plan to give Mr Stripey some nightcrawler friends. After all, his dirt seemed a little packed in from watering and hanging upside down. He seemed lonely out there on the patio all by his lonesome. (more…)


Mr Stripey Gets A Headrush

Well amazingly, I haven’t managed to kill my tomato yet. I have noticed a few things about this upsidedown method I’m playing with: (more…)


Cool Veggie Photo Weekend

You guys have no idea how much time and alcohol it took me to find a wordpress plugin to create a photo gallery I was happy with! (I’m starting to think the alcohol slowed my progress, but hey, it kept me out of trouble…mostly…see the next post on my new tomato plant)

In the meantime, it was amazing what people do in their spare time with their veggies and imagination. Check it out!

For those of you who would like a cool and EASY wordpress plugin for a photo gallery – here you go. WP-SimpleViewer ROCKS!