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Learn To Drywall

planning some home repair projects and need to find information on finishing drywall, check out
There is an ebook available for free download and a training guide You will likely find both very useful. This is a well developed site which makes it easy for readers to understand the important parts of finishing drywall and repairing holes in walls. This site also contains images of projects being worked which is very helpful.


What To Do With Your Shady Patches

Of course we all know that plants need two things for life: sun and water. But there are some garden areas, especially in heavily wooded locations that just can’t escape having some areas of shade. Just because you have shade in your garden however, does not mean that it should be wasted space. There are many plants that do very well in shade and some in fact, that will only thrive in shaded areas. You just need to determine what kind of shade you have and then pick out your favorite shady plants! (more…)

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Vacation Time!

It’s that most wonderful time of year when I finally get to escape the grind of the real job and take a vacation. I’m headed off to the North Carolina mountains to see the leaves change and watch the grass grow.

I’ll pretty much be out of the internet loop until next Sunday, so please take some time to check out our archives of past articles and see what all is here. I’ll see you guys next week! :-)



Yippee! We’re DONE!

FINALLY! The move is done and I think we all survived. Those of you that received an email asking you to subscribe to a new RSS link – never mind. I finally got the old feed to hop in it’s little U-Haul get over here to the new address. I apologize for the confusion while I figured everything out.

Now that we’re all here, here are some things we can look forward to as Garden Ideas moves forward:

  • Today’s Garden Movies – yep, soon you’ll have your garden fix via video!
  • Free Fridays – You know I love free stuff. I’ve been pretty intermittent about it, but starting soon I’ll be giving you some form of gardening or possibly food centered freebie on Fridays.
  • Today’s Garden Links – what’s going on around the garden-o-sphere? Well swing in and see, because I’m going to be checking out lots of garden blogs and giving you the low down and links to go check it out.

I’m putting together the editorial calendar now to decide what other goodies will be added. Of course you will continue to enjoy the same gardening disasters you’ve come to know and love, (like upside down hanging tomatoes), as well as garden tutorials that will show you how to put together a garden idea from beginning to end.

So that’s it for today. Big ideas for a growing blog. Hang around, there’s more to come! Look for these changes to kick in probably in the next 2 weeks.



Moving Pains Part 2

Ok, the RSS email newsletter finally hit and it seems that there is some duplication. I have put a fix in place and when everyone receives THIS message, the 3 folks I mentioned in the last post should only get 1 email. Sorry for the hassle, guys. I really am trying to keep everything all in one spot! :-)


Moving Pains

Thank Goodness I didn’t have to dig up 400 bulbs like when we sold our last house. But moving blogs is no easy task. As you can see, my past 3 posts have been about RSS subscribers and trying to figure out how to bring y’all with me without a lot of trouble on your part.

I’m testing a new thingy now – some of you – 3 to be exact – may get this post twice. Don’t worry. I’m one of the three. If it happens, I’ll have it corrected quickly. You won’t be getting tons of duplicate posts! :-)

Hang in there gang! The new look is going to be cool and I have some wicked cool surprises in store once I get unpacked!


Changes In The Air

Hi Everyone!

Well change is in the air. It’s actually nice out today – in the lower 80’s – and my countdown is beginning for a nice vacation in North Carolina. My brother called last night to report it was 39 degrees last night! EEK! I guess I’ll be taking the parka instead of the flip flops.

Speaking of change, you’ll notice I’m testing out a new theme for the blog. I’m not sure if I’m keeping it, but we’ll see how it works out. Also, we have a new home. Our new web address is Something I hope is much easier to remember.

I’m not sure if I have everything all settled in. There may be some bugs lurking in the new installation. If so, please let me know. Also, if you swing by and there is no site, come back in a bit. I’m still here! I probably just broke something and am working frantically to get it fixed.

Happy weekend to all!



A Note To Our Subscribers

As promised, we are making a transition to a new look and a new site. Actually, I already made the move then realized that I couldn’t update my RSS feed that many of you are subscribed to. :-( Soooo, I moved BACK to the old site to write you this message.

I’d really love it if you’d follow me to our new digs and our new RSS feed. Please head over to Todays Garden Ideas and check it out. You’ll see the familiar subscription button right there on the left. Those of you that get email subscriptions – you won’t get emailed twice. The garden-ideas feed will no longer be active after today.

Thanks to everyone for your patience while we make this move. Hope you like our new home!



Changes Here at Garden-Ideas!

Hang on to your trowels, because there’s gonna be some exciting changes here at Garden Ideas! Late next week we’re going to make a move to a new theme, so there’ll be a nice new look about the place when you come and visit! Also, we’re changing out domain name to something a tad more memorable than (yep, it’s a mouthful!) – so be on the lookout! Don’t worry, though. If you have us bookmarked, everything will still work just fine! See you soon!



Free Weekend Giveaway

I know this is totally off topic, but I love free stuff and thought you might too. My friend Blaine over at Run To Win has a giftcard to emusic that he is giving away. The winner is going to receive 180 free music downloads. You don’t have to do anything super special, just go to his site and leave a comment on the article page. That is your official entry. He’ll do a random drawing on the 9th and announce the winner. So if your Ipod is feeling empty here’s your chance to fill ‘er up for free!

Have a great weekend!