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What Kind of Stones Should You Put In Your Rock Garden


If you are thinking of starting a rock garden, you will need to do your research and ensure you have the proper materials. If you end up using the wrong kinds of rock, your end result will not be as effective as you originally planned. It is ideal to use rocks that are obtained locally due to the fact that rocks that exist in your current habitat will function best in their natural environment in your garden. What kinds of rocks should you consider? (more…)


How to Start a Rock Garden

A rock garden can be a beautiful addition to any landscape and they are also extremely easy to maintain. However, many people believe that all you have to do is put some rocks down, plant a few shrubs if you choose and watch it thrive. To ensure that you have a beautiful rock garden that will stand the test of time, you must follow a few basic steps and avoid a few common pitfalls. This is the only way to be sure that you will have your own Zen-filled area right in your own yard! (more…)

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