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Wildlife Friendly Gardening

wildlife-todaysgardenideasIf you would like to contribute to the wellbeing of wildlife, you’ll need more than just a corner of your garden left to run wild. It is also possible to have a pretty and tidy garden that is welcoming to wildlife.

If you are planning a new garden, look around to see what grows locally. If you have something growing naturally and wish to keep it, leave it where it is instead of trying to move it. Above all, be gentle with the planting and take your time to give wildlife a chance to adapt.



Eggs: They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!


Of the many items lying around your house that are wonderful additions to your garden, there is little that is more valuable than the eggshell. There are so many wonderful uses for eggshells in the garden and around the yard that the possibilities can be quite endless. Remember throughout the entire year to save your eggshells, rinse them out, and save them in a paper bag until springtime and you will be astounded at the difference they make among your plants! Here are just a few of the amazing uses eggshells have in the garden! (more…)


Easy Tips on Starting Compost


Composting is becoming a very popular method of fertilizing gardens. This is because composting reaps many benefits for the user, the flowers or vegetables, and for the environment. Composting is much cheaper than using other kinds of fertilizer because the matter comes from what you would be throwing away. Composting is also beneficial to the environment as the compost is kept completely organic and environment-friendly. The plants will reap the benefits as they will thrive in this all-natural environment and that will bring you bigger and healthier plants when it’s time to harvest. (more…)

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Controlling Pests in an Organic Garden


Organic gardening has become a very popular trend and it’s one that not only benefits the environment, but also our family who will be eating the food! Organic gardening of course, involves the use of natural products and solutions and does not allow any chemicals into the garden. Once someone realizes the benefits of organic gardening including health benefits for your family, it is easy to grow and enjoy vegetables that are 100% naturally-grown. The biggest problem in an organic garden is controlling pests. While it’s easy to spray on a chemical that will destroy these pests, there are natural solutions that will allow you to keep your garden organically pest-free!