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How To Build an Herb Garden


If you have mastered the art of vegetable gardening, then perhaps you are considering expanding your skills of gardening into something a little more advanced, such as herb gardening. There is in fact a myth that herb gardening is something unique and advanced, but fortunately for you, herb gardening is even easier than gardening other plants and is a great way for beginner gardeners to get their hands dirty and learn how to garden. (more…)


Basil-the Fragrant Full Flavor Herb

Basil At A Glance

Basil is an upright herb that grows edible pink, white, or purple flowers. Basil grows in a bushy form. Common or Sweet Basil will grow up to 3 feet high. Its leaves are very spicy and its blooms are white or pink. The main difference between the varieties is taste. Basil flavors range from clove and cinnamon to lemon and licorice. When brushed the Basil bush smells wonderful. Growing Basil near your kitchen is a good idea so it can be picked fresh for cooking. (more…)

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Success with Sensational Spicy Sage

Sage At A Glance

Sage, with its sweet smelling foliage and lovely blooms makes an excellent addition to a multitude of gardens. Sage will flourish as a border plant or look lovely in an herb garden. It works well as a container plant kept near the kitchen for fresh picking while your cook. (more…)

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Time to Grow Thyme in Your Herb Garden

Thyme At A Glance

Thyme is a very durable herb and great for groundcover. Thyme will release its aroma when the leaves are touched. So plant it in an area will it will get brushed a lot. Thyme comes in 2 varieties; shrubby thyme and creeping thyme. (more…)

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Rosemary…Herb of Choice for Aroma and Taste

Rosemary At A Glance

Rosemary is one of the most fragrant plants in the herb garden. Also suitable to container gardening, rosemary comes in 2 varieties; upright rosemary and creeping rosemary. Both types of rosemary have needle like leaves that have a very strong scent when crushed. They also bloom from late spring to mid-summer with pretty little flowers in colors of blue, lavender, and white. (more…)

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Oh Boy! Oregano!!

Oregano At A Glance

As part of an herb garden, Oregano is the superstar! With its aromatic foliage and small white, pink, or purple flowers Oregano puts on quite a show. Oregano can be grown in an herb garden, used as groundcover in a flower garden, or in a container right next to your kitchen sink to be plucked fresh as needed. (more…)

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