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Well it took me a couple of weeks to get all of these ideas down on paper, but it’s finally done! Emma’s Frugal Gardening Tips is released and ready for you! I have tried to compile as many cheap or free ideas for around the garden as I could, including:

  • How to find free plants
  • Free Gardening Tools and Supplies
  • Free Fertilizer
  • Free and Low Cost Pest Control Ideas…

I hope that there is something for you here where you might say, “Wow! I never thought of that. What a great idea!”

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So that’s it for today! A Free giveaway for my faithful readers! I hope you like it! :-)

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Can Gardening Cure a Mid-Life Crisis?

I think I’m having a bit of a mid-life crisis. You see, I went to have my hair done yesterday because it had reached the stage where it was annoying me. I told the nice lady that my hair was annoying and to fix it. So now I have soccer mom hair. ack! (more…)


The August Blog Carnival

It’s that time again over at The Joyful Gardener for the monthly Garden Fest Blog Carnival. This month, Katelyn has rounded up some interesting stuff!

We have:

As always, there are many other wonderful articles to peruse in this months carnival, so check it out at August 2007 Garden Fest – Last Days of Summer

Happy Gardening!



A Writing Challenge For Gardening Blogging Comments

***DISCLAIMER*** TO ALL BLOGGERS MENTIONED IN THIS ARTICLE - The Article below pertains to the marketing of blogs and how to get more traffic via commenting on blogs. The rankings that follow have NOTHING, ZILCH, ZIPPO to do with your content, writing style, hairdos, or zucchini disposal methods. I read all of your blogs religiously and love them all equally. The rankings shown below are SOLELY based on your blogging platform and partially on what categories of gardening you write about. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME HATE MAIL BOXES OF ZUCCHINI, FRESHLY HATCHED BUNNIES, AND/OR BUNNY ATTRACTANT (more…)


Front Yard Gardens – Practical or Political?

I was checking out this article on CNN about people that grow their veggies in their front yards. These folks cite more sunlight, better growing conditions and even a political statement about agribusiness! (more…)


It’s Tomato Time!

I just wanted to take a minute and mention some blogs that I follow that are having a bumper crop of tomatoes this season. In particular is Marc over at Garden Desk. He just posted today about some totally awesome Black Krim Tomatoes. The photos of them are just too cool. I commented to Marc that there is quite a debate in our house over heirloom tomatoes vs hybrids, and he was kind enough to refer me to a very useful article on his site. Check it out his article on the pros and cons of heirloom tomatoes. (more…)

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A Blog Carnival!

My new friend Katelyn over at runs a blog carnival. I think it’s a really neat idea. If you have never heard of a blog carnival before, here is a quick definition:

A blog carnival is where someone takes the time to find really good blog posts on a given topic, and then puts all those posts together in a blog post called a “carnival”.


Anyway, Katelyn has compiled some really neat garden topics such as Garden Memories, Garden Woes, Garden Brags and others! Take a moment to check it out and support some fellow garden bloggers!



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Top 10 Reasons for Growing Vegetables

Kenny over at Veggie Gardening Tips has posted a great article talking about the top 10 reasons for growing vegetables. This list came about because he received an email from a reader that stated how frustrating it was that many blogs are dedicated to only ornamental gardens versus edible gardens. I will say that many of the blogs I read daily are edible gardening blogs. I like the practical advice and enjoy seeing methods of gardening I haven’t thought of.

Kenny’s list is a great read regardless of where you are in your vegetable gardening adventure. Here’s also a quick list of garden blogs that focus on edibles that you may find enjoyable:

Garden Desk
Grandpa’s Garden
The Inadvertent Gardener

and of course Veggie Gardening Tips!


An Idea for Watering Your Plants in a Drought

Marc over at The Garden Desk lives in Kentucky (zone 6). Like many of us in the southeast, his garden is currently suffering from an ongoing drought. Marc has found a great way to water his garden by recycling his milk jugs. In essence, you puncture the side of the jug with a small pin to create a trickle of water near your plant. I’ll leave it for Marc to show you the details – complete with pictures.

Hope this helps! It’s certainly cheaper than buying a soaker hose, (and more environmentally friendly since you’re recycling). If you go to Marc’s site, be sure to wish him a happy birthday! He celebrated his special day with a beautiful tomato – not common for this time of year in his zone! Take a look at his feat at birthday tomato.