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The Idaho Botanical Garden is Open Year Round


If you are looking for something to cater to your gardening sensitivities, why not take your vacation to hot garden spots. Spots such as the Idaho Botanical Garden are open year round for today’s gardener that may not be able to enjoy the love of gardening in the long Winter Months. (more…)


Explore the Vatican City State Gardens


If you happen to be traveling in Italy, no doubt that the Vatican City State will be on your to-do list, particularly if you are a first-timer. While you are there, you can simply not make the trip without touring the gardens of the Vatican. The gardens here are horticultural masterpieces that have literally stood the test of time. Anyone is permitted to visit the gardens, so when you are in the Vatican, take a stroll through this lush land, you will almost think you are in Eden. (more…)


The History of the English Garden


Every garden designer comes to each landscape with their own signature style of design. Some you have seen are complex and abstract, while others are neatly organized and manicured. The English garden is one type of garden that is considered neat and manicured, and is inspiring to many gardeners around the world. (more…)


What to Put in Your Japanese Garden


Today’s gardener is consistently looking for new ideas and new ways to implement their creativity in the garden, and with that Japanese gardens are a frequent choice. Japanese gardens when done properly can create a lush retreat that will be both beautiful and creative. Keys to an effective Japanese garden include exotic flowers, lighting, and ornamental décor. (more…)


Giant Pumpkins On TV

Remember my review of Susan Warren’s Backyard Giants? Well it’s already in its second printing and will now be featured on CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood on October 28th. Make sure you check your local listings for times. Check it out!

Backyard Giants Book


Gardening In Okinawa, Japan

I received an email from Richard today asking me about gardening in Okinawa. Hmmm. Well, other than there are Marines there and I think Mr Miagi (Karate Kid) may have lived there, I don’t know a whole ton about Okinawa. BUT, I do know gardening zones and climates! (more…)

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Beware the Wicked Gardener!

Just in time for Halloween, I received an email from the Wicked Gardener. It appears we don’t live too far from one another, with me in Orlando and she in Ocala. (About 72 miles or so). Anyway, I just wanted everyone to swing over and say “Hi” to this Florida gardener. She has a relatively new blog (about 10 months old), and some great pics of stuff growing in her yard, (you can tell she uses a REAL camera, unlike me!).

I love her sidebar best, I think. She has a list of “Plants She Loves – AKA Things That Don’t Die On Me” – LOL, I should probably add that to my own site. I’m having a terrible time keeping lettuce alive for some reason. Also, check out her blogroll. Great blog names out there I wish I’d thought of. Gosh people are so much more creative than I am!

So check her out and tell her Emma sent ya. I think it’s really important that we support gardening blogs so that they grow and flourish – just like our gardens!



The Garden Rant Global Garden Challenge

I came across this challenge being put on by a number of blogs across genres, but Garden Rant is heading up the rally for the Garden Blogs. I think they put it best:

The idea is that teachers post requests for funding for a particular project, and bloggers choose projects to support. They encourage readers (that’s you–and me) to donate…

Donating is easy–just follow this link to the GardenRant Global Garden Blogger Challenge. I am personally supporting the “Butterfly Garden” project, but there are many more that can use a helping hand. Gardening and Education – a great combination!

I’d like to tag a few fellow garden bloggers just to let them know this is out there: Genie, Marc, Kenny, Michelle, Kate, and Katelyn.


Attack of the Patio Eating Lantana

I don’t know about where you live, but down here in Orlando, every nursery sells these cutesy little lantana sprigs. They come in little peat pots for like a dollar and the flowers are SO cute. The butterflies LOVE them, so it’s a great selling point. I’m sure the Lantana nurseries get a secret giggle just knowing what’s going to happen to every hapless person that sees the little cutey and thinks, “ooh! I could have so many beautiful butterflies in my garden! I think I’ll buy a few…”

Look at the pretty blooms…

Lantana closeup

Lantana closeup

Lantana closeup

I’m sure that was what the previous owners of my house were thinking when they planted 6 of those suckers around the property. I’ve been in this house for 8 years now and for 8 years I’ve been trying to kill these things. I’ve chainsawed them, I’ve poisoned them, I’ve yelled at them, pulled them, threatened them, etc. They just laugh at me and grow back stronger than ever. I am positive that the roots wrap all the way around the foundation of my house.

Don’t get too close… this bush eats medium size dogs and small children…

Lantana Bush

Just as a total unrelated sidenote, amazing the difference in picture quality and color when I switch from my cellphone camera (picture 1) to my digital camera (the rest of the pics). I really should use the better camera more often!


A Visit To Harry P Leu Gardens

It finally decided to quit raining today, so we grabbed the camera and headed off to Leu Gardens to see what REAL gardens looked like. (Compared to the current sad state of mine…) According to the Leu Gardens Website, their grounds offer the following:

Harry P. Leu Gardens features three miles of paved scenic walkways that take you through fifty acres of southern styled gardens including:

  • America’s largest Camellia collection outside California
  • Three acres of idea gardens for weekend projects
  • The largest formal rose garden in Florida.
  • A house museum dating from the 1880’s.
  • Two acre Tropical Stream Garden
  • Vegetable and Herb Garden
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Palm, bamboo and cycad gardens

Of course, once I got there, the battery to the camera died and the memory card filled up. BAH! I went back to the gift shop and ended up spending 12 bucks on 4 AA batteries. Double BAH! I took some pics off the memory card and remembered that when I got it back from the shop recently for some repair work, that they put it back to factory default. This meant that all the pics saved were huge – and thus took up a lot of space. I reset the camera to save smaller pics and was back in business. Here are some of the pics I took.

Don’t even bother asking me what I took pictures of. I’ll be honest – I have no clue what half this stuff is. It was pretty and photogenic and had no sign. LOL. If you’re ever in the Orlando area, take an afternoon and head over to Leu Gardens. It is under 6 bucks to get in and is just a beautiful place to visit! Just don’t feed the alligator! ;-)