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How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles The Easy Way

Wondering how to get rid of Japanese Beetles? The best way for controlling Japanese Beetles is attacking both the adults and their offspring. With a few simple steps and some diligence these harmful pests can be banned from your garden forever. (more…)

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The Quickest Way I Know To Kill Spider Mites

As you might guess spider mites are related to spiders. (more…)


Stop Slugs and Snails Before They Ruin Your Garden

Snails and slugs like to live in cool shady areas so they will not get dried out. (more…)

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Tired Of Dealing With Blackspot On Your Prized Roses?

Blackspot is one of 3 major diseases that can destroy a once luscious rose garden. (more…)

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Cutworms? The Sooner You Know The Better!

The cutworm is a gray/brown caterpillar. It is somewhat shiny and plump. Cutworms feed on the stems of plants and are very fond of seedlings. (more…)