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slug1Just call my man the slug whisperer… He never lived down the reputation so creatively given by our neighbours. It all started years ago when we decided to plant a herb garden and the basil was scented by slugs from a 20 mile radius. Slugs like basil, it appears. We caused a mass exodus down the back gardens in our street. Our neighbours were fascinated, and rather pleased, I’d imagine…


Fall Gardening With Container Gardening


Many gardeners fear the colder temps, but don’t use this as a chance to get down in the dumps. No, now it is time to put your real creativity to the test when it comes to gardening, and one way that you can do that is through container gardens. Container gardens are a beautiful way to keep your garden blood pumping, and there are a wide variety of fall annuals that you can choose for your containers. Here are some tips on making the most of your fall container gardens. (more…)


You May Want to Consider Indoor Gardening When Temps Drop


Many gardeners go through some sort of outdoor withdrawal when the temperatures start to drop, and gardener’s depression is very common. What can you do with your hands and your love for plants when it’s no longer official ‘gardening season’. Well, the first thing you need to do is get it out of your head that gardening season begins and ends. It doesn’t. Yes, you CAN garden all year round, and one way you can do that when it starts to get cold is to begin an indoor garden. (more…)


Easy Steps to Container Gardening


Those that live in apartments or homes with small landscape areas are not limited to their gardening choices. This is where container gardening comes in, as it offers you the opportunity and versatility of gardening in small spaces. Container gardening is a way to garden in difficult conditions yes, but it also offers the convenience of versatility in the kinds of gardens you want to have.

The beauty of container gardening is that you can move your gardens around as they bloom or as the seasons change. (more…)


Basil-the Fragrant Full Flavor Herb

Basil At A Glance

Basil is an upright herb that grows edible pink, white, or purple flowers. Basil grows in a bushy form. Common or Sweet Basil will grow up to 3 feet high. Its leaves are very spicy and its blooms are white or pink. The main difference between the varieties is taste. Basil flavors range from clove and cinnamon to lemon and licorice. When brushed the Basil bush smells wonderful. Growing Basil near your kitchen is a good idea so it can be picked fresh for cooking. (more…)

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Success with Sensational Spicy Sage

Sage At A Glance

Sage, with its sweet smelling foliage and lovely blooms makes an excellent addition to a multitude of gardens. Sage will flourish as a border plant or look lovely in an herb garden. It works well as a container plant kept near the kitchen for fresh picking while your cook. (more…)

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Time to Grow Thyme in Your Herb Garden

Thyme At A Glance

Thyme is a very durable herb and great for groundcover. Thyme will release its aroma when the leaves are touched. So plant it in an area will it will get brushed a lot. Thyme comes in 2 varieties; shrubby thyme and creeping thyme. (more…)

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How To Get A Free Supply Of Fruit In A Quarter Of The Space

Using wooden barrels or other containers, you too can have fresh fruit from your dwarf fruit trees. Placing bright blooms around your dwarf fruit trees can bring this wooden barrel container garden to life and add some brilliant color to your patio or front doorway. (more…)

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Creating a Sunny Windowbox

Brilliantly colored flowers can create a wonderful look for windowboxes. You can add style to any window in your home or vacation cottage with a bouquet of summer flowers in a lovely windowbox. Windowbox ideas are only limited by your imagination. Look for your favorite colors to put in your windowbox or blooms that will compliment the color of your home. (more…)

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Florida Gardener Reveals How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots Without Sacrificing Yield Or Taste

Thanks to the myriad of choices in tomato plants it is quite easy growing tomatoes in pots. The best type of tomatoes for growing in pots is (more…)