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Your Fall Gardening Checklist


It’s time to start thinking about what needs to be done when it comes to preparing your garden for the fall, and while we have been talking about it a bit already, there may be a few to-do’s that you’ve forgotten. Make sure you don’t miss any fall prep essentials by following our simple checklist. (more…)


Lively Colors for your Fall Garden


You may be thinking now about what you can do to spruce up your fall garden but aren’t too keen on the shrubs or bushes idea, given their maintenance. If this is the case, you may want to consider a wide range of fall blooming flowers that are beautiful choices for your autumn gardens. Many of these are perennial, and thus easy on the maintenance. This also means that your fall gardens will be rich with colors from one season to the next. (more…)


How To Spruce Up a Fall Garden in Dry Climates


If you live in a dry climate, one of your garden woes may be that you don’t have the advantage of more temperate climates to add some color to your fall garden. The Northern Hemisphere is blessed with a change in climate that allows for rich foliage and rich autumn colors to brighten up any landscape, but drier climates simply do not have that advantage. So how can you brighten up your gardens when you don’t have the temperature change to provide for rich autumn colors? (more…)


How To Turn A Drab Patio Into A Colorful Oasis Of Beauty

Sprucing up a drab patio can be achieved in many ways. Adding patio furniture, or a new and interesting patio tiled floor are two ways to achieve a new patio look. Or you can try growing a container garden with patio plants suitable to the size and shape of your patio. (more…)

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The Summer Flower Garden Your Whole Neighborhood Will Be Talking About

To achieve a picturesque colorful summer flower garden the first step is (more…)

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Various Leaf Colors to Brighten Up a Garden

We all seem to think that the leaf color of a plant is green. Sure they may be a light green or a deep forest green but green nonetheless. But take a look around you. (more…)

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Ideas for a Shady Pastel Spring Border

Do you have a shady spot somewhere in your yard where you have trouble getting flowers to bloom and grow? Perhaps beneath a large shade tree or underneath a house eave? You might want to consider planting a pastel flower garden suitable for the shade. (more…)

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Ideas for a Red Summer Border

If you want a flower that will really stand out in your garden and form a nice contrast to your other paler blossoms consider red flowers. You can use red flowers to draw attention to a part of your home like your entranceway or run red flowers up your walkway giving your visitors the feeling that the red carpet has been rolled out just for them. (more…)

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Growing Sunflowers-Drama on a Stalk….

Growing Sunflowers is fun and easy!

Growing Sunflowers is fairly easy to accomplish from both seed and seedlings. As small as 2 feet and as tall as 12 feet, Sunflowers offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit with any type of garden, large or small. Sunflowers are suited to all growing zones so anyone can cultivate them. Their brilliant blooms are quite a showstopper and will attract attention to any garden they grace. (more…)

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