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Spider Lilies-Elegant Fall Flowers with a Touch of Whimsy

Spider Lilies At A Glance

Spider Lilies are not true lilies but actually belong to the Amaryllis family. Their large blooms have curled petals that give them a spidery appearance. The flowers appear in the fall and the foliage persists throughout the winter. (more…)

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Lily-of-the-Valley—Shade Lover, Lovely to Behold

Lily Of The Valley At A Glance

Lily-of-the-Valley offers you lovely groundcover for a shady area. Its bell-shaped flowers dangle daintily from 4-6 inch stems during the springtime. The blooms come in either white or ping with tiny orange to red berries. Throughout the growing season, Lily-of-the-Valley provides a wonderful carpet of green. (more…)

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Scillas, the Perfect Bloom for a Shady Spot

Scillas At A Glance

A great way to brighten up a shady spot in your garden is with Scillas. Their flowers range in shade from blue to pink. They form small bell shaped blooms and sit above strap like leaves. Scillas will rapidly spread to create a carpet of color. (more…)

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Fun with Fritillaries

Fritillaries At A Glance

Fritillaries can be as amusing as the checkered lilies or as formal as the Crown Imperials. Fritillaries have hanging blooms that add an elegance to any garden. Ranging in color from checkered mauve to pure white Fritillaries can be a few inches or several feet tall. (more…)

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