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Garden Lunacy – A Must Have for Winter Reading

The beauty of winter is hardly lost on the avid gardener. This is the time to sit back and contemplate the successes of last year and plan for the new one. What better way to keep the gardening ideas flowing than to pick up a good book and read what other gardeners are doing? Here are some titles that are sure to stimulate your thought processes and invigorate your gardening spirits.  Art Wolk’s book, Garden Lunacy, (AAB Book Publishing LLC, 2005) is great way to brighten a dreary winter night. And, if your plans include competitive gardening, this book shows you the way.



Unusual Gifts for the Gardening Enthusiast


Gift-giving time is nigh — our nights are longer, our jackets are warmer, and our gardens are enjoying a well-deserved rest of their own. (more…)


Backyard Giants – Your MUST Read For The End Of Summer!

As a kid, I was an avid reader. Like most of us, though, with adulthood brought time eaters and reading became a much-missed pleasure. Can you believe I haven’t even read a single Harry Potter? Before you reach for the vapors, I did at least see the movies. ;-)

So last week when I received an email requesting that I please do a book review, I was torn. Part of me was thrilled at the chance to actually READ a book all the way through. (more…)