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How to Care for Christmas Plants — Part One


Now is the time of year when we begin to see holiday plants and bulbs for sale all over the place – poinsettias, amaryllis, Christmas cacti, and others. Maybe you want to grow an Amaryllis bulb for bloom at Christmas, or perhaps you have a Christmas cactus that never blooms. Or do all of the leaves fall off of your poinsettia prematurely? Here are a few hints for caring for these plants. (more…)


Top Winter Berrying Plants


The trees are bare and there is snow on the ground. This doesn’t mean that your garden has to become a winter wasteland. Evergreens can be quite stunning in the winter months. However, do not limit your landscape to these for winter interest. A well-planned garden should provide year-round interest and aesthetic entertainment. (more…)


Top Holiday Plants to Give This Year


When it comes to gardening, we like to carry this into every aspect of our life. And yes, that even comes to gift giving. So when we can’t be digging and hoeing and planting and pruning, we like to carry our love for the outdoors to our holiday season. There are many ways to enjoy gardening during the holidays, but one way you can take advantage of the season is to express your love for the living plant by passing them on as gifts. What plants then make the best holiday gifts? (more…)


What to Give your Favorite Gardener This Christmas

Many gardeners use the winter months to plan and dream about their summer gardens. Since this is the season of giving, and not the season of planting, why not inspire some dreams for your favorite gardener this season. But what can you give the gardener who has everything they need? Here are a few hints in case your gardener is shy of dropping them themselves: (more…)


How to Attract Birds to Your Winter Garden


The seasons of spring and summer are in themselves natural bird callers. We sit in our gardens during the milder months listening to the melodious larks of the chattering birds hiding in our trees and shrubs. As the temperatures begin to drop however, these songs get quieter and quieter and turn to mere whispers. Have you ever thought about how to bring the chirping back to your winter gardens? You can. Every area on the planet is home to its own variety of non-migratory birds and if you leave them the right nibbles, you can draw them into your garden, your home. The 3 things you need to provide for them are the basics: food, water, protection. (more…)


How to Light Your Winter Garden


Lighting is an effect that you can add to your garden no matter what season it is. With the right placement and planning, the effect of lighting can transform your garden from a landscape design into a haven of paradise. The right lighting can turn your garden into the most magical place in your home and change the entire character of your garden. Paint your garden with light in the winter months, and pick up the mood from the colder temps by bringing everything back to life with light. (more…)


The Idaho Botanical Garden is Open Year Round


If you are looking for something to cater to your gardening sensitivities, why not take your vacation to hot garden spots. Spots such as the Idaho Botanical Garden are open year round for today’s gardener that may not be able to enjoy the love of gardening in the long Winter Months. (more…)


How to Prepare Your Outdoors for Winter


Fall is the time to start thinking about how to prepare your lawn for the winter before the first frost. The reason you do this is to ensure your grass will grow as planned come the spring time. What you do need to know is that timing is everything here, so check with your Farmer’s Almanac to see when the best time is to prepare your lawn. Fertilizing is the first step you will take, and you will give your lawn one last fertilization before the frost. Your Almanac will help you decide when to expect the first frost, and when will be the best time to do this. What else can you do to prepare your lawn for winter?

As winter approaches, be sure to shorten your lawn more and more the closer winter gets. You want to go through winter with a very short lawn. A well kept lawn will be critical after your first snow fall. Many of us waste time in the winter shoveling snow off our lawn, if your lawn begins short, then you won’t have to worry about this.

Organize any backyard equipment, tools, or toys as fall deepens. Put out door toys away, and give away what your children won’t use next year. Getting rid of broken tools or toys, or those that won’t be good next year will free up an exorbitant amount of room and make your garden shed clutter free.

Use this time to ready your winter garden tools and materials. Have your snow blower tested at the local garage to ensure it is well prepared for the winter ahead. Stock up on ice melt and snow shovels, and keep heavier gardening gloves handy for the winter. Purchasing these items now will be much more affordable than when they are in high demand.

Now is the time to start planning your spring garden. Stock up on seed and bulb catalogues and begin planning your lawn care for the warmer temps. Get your orders in early with your planning and that will be one less thing off your to do list.

Planning and preparation are key elements in any gardening season. In the spring and summer months, we don’t have time for this planning, and our gardens may suffer as a result. Use your Fall and Winter months to plan every meticulous detail and tool so that the only thing you have to worry about come Winter is the gardening task at hand.