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The Duranta Bush is a Perfect Winter Bush for Dry Climates


But of course, it is the pretty violet flowers that are the piece da resistance for these shrubs If you are looking for things to fill up your winter garden with, you may want to consider the Duranta bush. The Duranta erecta is a fast growing shrub that will reach approximately 20-25 feet. If you like to prune, you can tame the height on the bush, and make it suitable for smaller gardens as well. (more…)


Create an Indoor Zen Garden Party During the Winter Months


There is nothing like being stuck inside in the cold dreary months of Winter and Fall. If you are a gardener or a garden lover, why not bring the outside in and celebrate your love for gardening through a Zen Garden Party. Plan it to break up the times between the holidays, or just to have some fun socializing before the hectic holiday season. It will give you that extra boost you need to lift your spirits and cater to your outdoor sensitivities at the same time. (more…)


Explore the Vatican City State Gardens


If you happen to be traveling in Italy, no doubt that the Vatican City State will be on your to-do list, particularly if you are a first-timer. While you are there, you can simply not make the trip without touring the gardens of the Vatican. The gardens here are horticultural masterpieces that have literally stood the test of time. Anyone is permitted to visit the gardens, so when you are in the Vatican, take a stroll through this lush land, you will almost think you are in Eden. (more…)


Can Your Garden Veggies to Make Them Last All Year Long


There are many benefits to growing your own garden veggies, but one of them is the cost factor. Outside of the fact that you have homegrown fresh vegetables, you save money. Many gardeners run across the problem of having crops that are too big to consume in a season. The answer to this? Canning. (more…)


How to Plant Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardens


If you are considering planting vegetable gardens through the Fall and Winter seasons, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. The advantage of planting vegetables in the cooler temperatures is that the flavor you will end up with is much better and much stronger than those gardens planted in the summer and spring. Vegetables that do well into the fall include tomatoes, peppers, okra, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage. But there are a few things you need to undertake before you start planting. (more…)


Why You Should Fire Your Landscaper


There are many reasons why we love to garden, but very few people understand the reasons why we SHOULD garden. The simple fact of the matter is that gardening is good for us, and if you are not the type to get out and hit the gym, gardening is an excellent alternative. Not sure you quite buy into that? Read on for yourself…. (more…)


A Beginners Guide to Gardening


If you have been thinking about gardening, but aren’t sure where or how to start, you will want to pick up a few beginners tips for gardening. Many people want to garden desperately, but feel they just don’t have the ‘green thumb’ or creative genius to pick up that hoe. Pick it up my dear. While every hobby does have its aficionados, that does not mean you have to exclude yourself from the joys of gardening. And who knows, you may just become one of them in the meantime. Here are the basic steps to your beginner garden. (more…)


Fall Gardening With Container Gardening


Many gardeners fear the colder temps, but don’t use this as a chance to get down in the dumps. No, now it is time to put your real creativity to the test when it comes to gardening, and one way that you can do that is through container gardens. Container gardens are a beautiful way to keep your garden blood pumping, and there are a wide variety of fall annuals that you can choose for your containers. Here are some tips on making the most of your fall container gardens. (more…)