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How to Make the Most of a Garden Shed


With Fall falling, and Winter on its way, today’s gardener is moving into storage mode and preparing for the drop in temperatures with the seasons to come. What this means is that you will be moving your tools and garden essentials and putting them away until next year. Most avid gardeners have a garden shed for this precise purpose, and if you are thinking of getting one, or don’t know how to use yours efficiently, these tips will help. (more…)


The History of the English Garden


Every garden designer comes to each landscape with their own signature style of design. Some you have seen are complex and abstract, while others are neatly organized and manicured. The English garden is one type of garden that is considered neat and manicured, and is inspiring to many gardeners around the world. (more…)


The Basics of Indoor Planting


Yes, now is the time of year when we begin to think about indoor planting with the fall of leaves and temperatures. The truth is, if you are interested in indoor planting, you can do so whether you have a lot or a little bit of light. There are other factors you need to consider however such as humidity, temperature, light exposure, and space before you select a house plant. (more…)


What Kind of Stones Should You Put In Your Rock Garden


If you are thinking of starting a rock garden, you will need to do your research and ensure you have the proper materials. If you end up using the wrong kinds of rock, your end result will not be as effective as you originally planned. It is ideal to use rocks that are obtained locally due to the fact that rocks that exist in your current habitat will function best in their natural environment in your garden. What kinds of rocks should you consider? (more…)


What to Put in Your Japanese Garden


Today’s gardener is consistently looking for new ideas and new ways to implement their creativity in the garden, and with that Japanese gardens are a frequent choice. Japanese gardens when done properly can create a lush retreat that will be both beautiful and creative. Keys to an effective Japanese garden include exotic flowers, lighting, and ornamental décor. (more…)


You May Want to Consider Indoor Gardening When Temps Drop


Many gardeners go through some sort of outdoor withdrawal when the temperatures start to drop, and gardener’s depression is very common. What can you do with your hands and your love for plants when it’s no longer official ‘gardening season’. Well, the first thing you need to do is get it out of your head that gardening season begins and ends. It doesn’t. Yes, you CAN garden all year round, and one way you can do that when it starts to get cold is to begin an indoor garden. (more…)


Your Fall Gardening Checklist


It’s time to start thinking about what needs to be done when it comes to preparing your garden for the fall, and while we have been talking about it a bit already, there may be a few to-do’s that you’ve forgotten. Make sure you don’t miss any fall prep essentials by following our simple checklist. (more…)


Lively Colors for your Fall Garden


You may be thinking now about what you can do to spruce up your fall garden but aren’t too keen on the shrubs or bushes idea, given their maintenance. If this is the case, you may want to consider a wide range of fall blooming flowers that are beautiful choices for your autumn gardens. Many of these are perennial, and thus easy on the maintenance. This also means that your fall gardens will be rich with colors from one season to the next. (more…)


How To Spruce Up a Fall Garden in Dry Climates


If you live in a dry climate, one of your garden woes may be that you don’t have the advantage of more temperate climates to add some color to your fall garden. The Northern Hemisphere is blessed with a change in climate that allows for rich foliage and rich autumn colors to brighten up any landscape, but drier climates simply do not have that advantage. So how can you brighten up your gardens when you don’t have the temperature change to provide for rich autumn colors? (more…)