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Protecting your Plants and Flowers from Frost


As the fall weather approaches, we begin to think about what we need to do to protect our garden from the colder weather. The biggest danger to outdoor plants and flowers as the nights begin to grow longer and colder is frost. Frost is a huge risk to your garden as it will quickly kill your beautiful blooms and possibly, any fall vegetables that you have planted. Here are a few quick tips on how to protect your garden from frost this fall. (more…)


Get your Lawn and Garden Ready for the Fall


As autumn approaches, there are a few things that must be done in the yard to ensure that you have a clean, blank canvas to start with in the following spring. Much of how your lawn and garden will do the following year depends on how you prepare it for the winter, especially if you live in a climate that sees a lot of rain, snow, or cold harsh temperatures over the winter months. Here are a few basics that should be done after you’ve put away the summer toys and patio furniture. (more…)


The Rake: Fall’s Most Important Gardening Tool


When it comes to all of the different gardening tools we use throughout the year, almost none can be as important as the rake. Without a rake, you would have a challenging job of getting the leaves and debris off your lawn throughout the year. Not cleaning up this debris would kill everything underneath it, and make any other gardening task pointless. When it comes time to buy a new rake, you may think it’s a simple matter of grabbing one out of the bin right by the front of the hardware store door. However, putting some thought into one of the most important gardening tools you’ll ever use can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. (more…)


How Buying a Rain Barrel Benefits Everyone


It’s no secret that the best water for your precious plants and blooms is rainwater. This water, which is rich in nutrients and gold unlike any other, can turn wilting, withering plants into beautiful blooms faster than the strongest artificial fertilizer. But you don’t have to sit waiting by your Farmer’s Almanac to hope for rain – you can simply store it for whenever you need it! Rain barrels can save you a ton of money, provide crops more beautiful than you could have ever imagined, and are great for the environment! They are super easy to install so there’s no reason to use your hose any longer! (more…)


The Perfect Flowers for your Fall Garden


As the summer comes to an end and people begin to think about going back to school and stowing away all the beach toys for next year, one can’t neglect their garden. Just because the season is over for many of the beautiful blooms you’ve been enjoying over the past few months doesn’t mean that you need to admit defeat and wait until next spring to start planting. There are plenty of beautiful flowers that not only do well in the cooler fall weather but will actually thrive in it! (more…)


How to Properly Prune Your Roses


Many gardeners love having beautiful roses in their garden but aren’t exactly sure how to care for them, other than weeding around the roots. It’s true that while roses are easy to maintain, they do have certain maintenance required that keeps them looking fresh and beautiful for the entire season or year, depending on where you live. Pruning is one of the these very important maintenance steps and although you may be tempted to take your shears and start snipping away at anything that you don’t find appealing, pruning the wrong things could lead to rose bush disaster. Find out now how to easily and properly prune your roses! (more…)


Eggs: They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!


Of the many items lying around your house that are wonderful additions to your garden, there is little that is more valuable than the eggshell. There are so many wonderful uses for eggshells in the garden and around the yard that the possibilities can be quite endless. Remember throughout the entire year to save your eggshells, rinse them out, and save them in a paper bag until springtime and you will be astounded at the difference they make among your plants! Here are just a few of the amazing uses eggshells have in the garden! (more…)


Learn To Drywall

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Protect Yourself by Getting Rid of Earwigs Naturally


Earwigs, also called pincher bugs, are those awful little critters with the beady eyes, long antennae and nasty looking pinchers sticking out behind it. Although these nasty insect pack a powerful punch if they pinch you, they won’t do any lasting harm should you come across one’s path. They are also quite aggressive so it’s important to get rid of them in your garden so that you won’t be hurt while gardening. There are many pesticides that will get rid of earwigs but these are awfully unhealthy for pets and children. Help yourself and your family by finding natural ways to get rid of earwigs. (more…)