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The Quickest Way I Know To Kill Spider Mites

As you might guess spider mites are related to spiders. (more…)


Stop Slugs and Snails Before They Ruin Your Garden

Snails and slugs like to live in cool shady areas so they will not get dried out. (more…)

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Tired Of Dealing With Blackspot On Your Prized Roses?

Blackspot is one of 3 major diseases that can destroy a once luscious rose garden. (more…)

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Cutworms? The Sooner You Know The Better!

The cutworm is a gray/brown caterpillar. It is somewhat shiny and plump. Cutworms feed on the stems of plants and are very fond of seedlings. (more…)


The Lazy Man’s Way to Natural Soil Improvement

Organic soil additives can improve soil texture and increase the nutrients available so your plants will grow lush and beautiful. To maintain healthy organic soil (more…)

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The Art of Deadheading

Deadheading is removing old or faded flowers. Deadheading will not only keep plants looking tidy but will spur new growth as well. You can tell you need to deadhead a flower when it has lost its color, the petals are dropping off, or the flower head is shriveling up. (more…)

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How To Prune Roses That’ll Give You The Most Blooms Per Bush

Pruning roses is done for 2 reasons. The first reason you prune rose bushes is to control the shape and growth of the rose bushes. Pruning roses will rid the rose bush of old or diseased branches or canes as they are also called. The helps rose bushes keep their beautiful full shape. Pruning roses also helps new buds to sprout which, in turn, produces more lovely rose flowers. (more…)

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I Discovered How To Train Climbing Vines…Now I’m Revealing My Secret

To grow climbing vines you first need to get your vine off to a good start. It is best to start your vine on the main trellis or gazebo rather than transferring it at a later time. Once your climbing vines have reached your goal be sure to prune your climbing vines to keep them climbing in the right direction. (more…)

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How To Turn A Drab Patio Into A Colorful Oasis Of Beauty

Sprucing up a drab patio can be achieved in many ways. Adding patio furniture, or a new and interesting patio tiled floor are two ways to achieve a new patio look. Or you can try growing a container garden with patio plants suitable to the size and shape of your patio. (more…)

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The Summer Flower Garden Your Whole Neighborhood Will Be Talking About

To achieve a picturesque colorful summer flower garden the first step is (more…)

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