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The Importance of Watering Your Garden Properly


Of course everyone knows that a garden of any kind needs plenty of water to keep it healthy and thriving. However, there is more to watering your garden than simply turning on the hose and pointing it in the right direction. How you water, how much water you use and the tools you use to water all play a very big role in how your plants develop. Below are some tips to ensure that you are watering your plants most efficiently this summer! (more…)

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Easy Tips on Starting Compost


Composting is becoming a very popular method of fertilizing gardens. This is because composting reaps many benefits for the user, the flowers or vegetables, and for the environment. Composting is much cheaper than using other kinds of fertilizer because the matter comes from what you would be throwing away. Composting is also beneficial to the environment as the compost is kept completely organic and environment-friendly. The plants will reap the benefits as they will thrive in this all-natural environment and that will bring you bigger and healthier plants when it’s time to harvest. (more…)

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5 Shortcuts to Make a Beautiful Work-Free Garden


Today’s home owner and garden lover is pressed for time with their daily lives. This does not mean that you need to give up your dream of a beautiful garden. If you choose the right plants and follow a few simple tips, you will ensure that you curtail the upkeep of your garden while still maintaining its beauty, and your time to enjoy it. Here are 5 ways that you can shorten the workload in your garden. (more…)


How to Grow Great Tomatoes


There’s nothing better in the summer months than placing juicy, red tomatoes on your table that you have grown and cared for yourself! Planting tomatoes is easier to do than many people think. The most important thing to remember is that tomatoes need two things: lots of heat and lots of water. Growing your tomatoes from seed is also the best way to start growing tomatoes. This method allows you total control as you don’t actually know what has been used on the plant and how it has been grown before you buy it. Following are some other great tips on having the ripest tomatoes this year! (more…)

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Getting Rid of Weeds in Your Garden


As much joy as our beautiful gardens bring us in the spring and summer months, weeding is a never-ending task, and one that gardeners like the least. Weeding is necessary so that our flowers and plants don’t get choked out by weed roots and so that aesthetically, there will be no detraction from our wonderful blooms. There are ways to make this summer chore a little easier on yourself and on your garden! (more…)

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Controlling Pests in an Organic Garden


Organic gardening has become a very popular trend and it’s one that not only benefits the environment, but also our family who will be eating the food! Organic gardening of course, involves the use of natural products and solutions and does not allow any chemicals into the garden. Once someone realizes the benefits of organic gardening including health benefits for your family, it is easy to grow and enjoy vegetables that are 100% naturally-grown. The biggest problem in an organic garden is controlling pests. While it’s easy to spray on a chemical that will destroy these pests, there are natural solutions that will allow you to keep your garden organically pest-free!


Easy Steps to Container Gardening


Those that live in apartments or homes with small landscape areas are not limited to their gardening choices. This is where container gardening comes in, as it offers you the opportunity and versatility of gardening in small spaces. Container gardening is a way to garden in difficult conditions yes, but it also offers the convenience of versatility in the kinds of gardens you want to have.

The beauty of container gardening is that you can move your gardens around as they bloom or as the seasons change. (more…)


Your Guide to Growing Annuals


It’s time to start thinking about your annuals. These are the gorgeous flowers that lighten up your flower bed with their amazing color range – geraniums, petunias, marigolds, sunflowers, snapdragons, you name it. And now that the final frost has come and gone for most of us, planting annuals is on everyone’s mind.

The beauty about annuals is that they will last one season and die off during the winter. (more…)


Lawn Secrets The Pest Control People Don’t Want You To Know About…

Lawn disease is usually caused by fungus. Fungal spores are always present in lawn soil. Fungal lawn disease can be a result of (more…)

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How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles The Easy Way

Wondering how to get rid of Japanese Beetles? The best way for controlling Japanese Beetles is attacking both the adults and their offspring. With a few simple steps and some diligence these harmful pests can be banned from your garden forever. (more…)

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